The morgue stage by Laser Voodoo



NMTA is an American rock band in Northern California. Includes former members of Lord Mantis, The Atlantic Divide, Dino, Backstitch,Many Different Concepts  and Monkey Butler.

Josh Stirling and Adam Zeciri have played in numerous bands together since 1997. Both members are songwriters, multi-instrumentalists and vocalists.

2Lit with special guest Shilo McClay.

 Good time rap and roll from the Central Valley. 

Bedheads CA

 Indie/Alternative Rock Band from Turlock California  

White Trash Superstars

Intensely Fantastic.

The Chosen Few

Tribute to Black Sabbath... You too can be IRON MAN!

Tiffany Rose and the Outlaw Hearts

They're amazing AND they smell really good.

Shredead Metal

A band that loves chemicals, oxygen, lack of oxygen,women, idiots, road kill, earwigs, fire, microwave ovens, and METAL!!!