Zombie Prom

Zombie Prom is brought to you by Modesto Window Tint.  I get my cars tinted there.  Seriously.  You can't see in anymore.  It's awesome.

Zombie Prom

If I ever get arrested I'll call Bam Bail Bonds because Veronica is super cool and she doesn't care what I'd smell like after I was in jail.  

Michael Myers

The Michael Myers stage is sponsored by RATS! Cell Phone Repair  If I dropped my phone and broke it, I would say RATS! Then I would call RATS phone repair and they would come to my house and fix it while I wait.  

Arachnid Cabinets

If I knew how to play an instrument I would totally use Arachnid cabinets even though I am petrified of spiders.

Kanwow Catering

Need to have a special event catered?  KANWOW!  

Blackbomb Entertainment

All your entertainment needs (other than dick quesadilla) in the Tuolumne Area.

Elite Tire and Auto

Conveniently located off Kansas in Modesto go on down to Elite and they'll take care of you special.

Asylum Productions

Putting on great shows in the valley since 2004

Georgia Metal Alliance

An interntational heavy metal club.   Membership has its privledges.