Dick Quesadilla welcomes you to.... HELLRAISER

Diversity of One

These dudes are  really nice too.  Really.  Really nice.  Like so nice.  

The Last Titan

Founded in 2017 after a Spartan Race, the Last Titan are awesome and extremely muddy.

From Devastation

After the apes took over New York From Devastation took over the planet.  It was totally bananas.

William Wallace

 William Wallace was created by the gods of metal, to tell epic fables of a time long forgotten, through their lyrics and music...

The Flood

 This world don't care and neither do we....RUTHLESS street style....heavy.....with some METAL elements, hip hop infused and in your face...the sound of thunder in the distance is a forewarning of something deadly to come..... 






They get three photos.


Getting it started in here.