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 Formed in the summer of 2014, comes one of the heaviest death metal bands to emerge out of the Central Valley.

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Nothing But Losers

Death Metal that grinds.

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Fear the Worst

A technical, melodic, metalcore band from the Sierra Nevada foothills in California.

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Sworn to the Black

Groove / Thrash / Death Metal outfit from Modesto, CA

Groove / Thrash / Death Metal outfit from Modesto, CA.  

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Harlot Exiled

 Founded in 2017, Harlot Exiled is a metal band based out of Turlock, CA. 

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Metal from Merced.  That's scary enough for me.

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Echos of the Forgotten

Sonora based Heavy Metal power trio. Established in January 2017 

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Boom Boom Babies

Burlesque straight out of the Central Valley